Aether Brewing Barrel Aged Breakfast Stout


Why put all the effort into chewing when you can just drink your coffee & donuts?!? A delightful reimagining of an indulgent breakfast of black coffee and cinnamon sugar donuts, we’ve taken a new meaning to the “morning brew” with our Barrel Aged Breakfast Stout. Conditioned for 12 months in American oak barrels, we’ve given the coffee & cinnamon plenty of time to blend with notes of dark brown sugar, chocolate and vanilla to boot. Strong roasted notes from the coffee and chicory balance with a smooth oaky body, giving the ultimate winter treat. Enjoy!

ABV: 7.8%,
IBU: 50
Malt:  Pale malt & raw flaked barley, along with toasted barley, crystal malt & chocolate malt
Hops: Loral, Tettnang & Spalt Select
Adjuncts, etc: Toasted chicory, Tahitian Vanilla beans, dark roasted coffee beans, cinnamon & a touch of chocolate top it all off. Aged in American oak barrels for 12 months.

All natural, vegan, lactose-free, preservative & additive-free.