Bonehead Brewing Art for Boneheads NZ IPA


For our latest "Art for Boneheads" release, we have teamed up with Britt Manning, a kiwi who has made Melbourne her home for the past few years. With an eccentric approach and irreverent style, Brit has nailed the design that we hope will become part of a bigger event in the coming months.

At sux point sux percent you'd be an Egg not to chuck this in the chilly bin, perfect with chucken and fush! Jandals optional! This Kiwi IPA featuring Nectaron, Kohatu, Waimea, and Taiheke hops is an ode to our beer making brothers/sisters/non-binary family relatives across the ditch. Expect a malty and subtle piney backbone with bright citrus & tropical notes, A throw back to IPA's of old.

6.6% ABV