Bonehead Brewing Oui Chef Oat Cream IPA


Ever met someone and realised it was meant to be? Six-degrees of separation, then before you know it you’re three courses deep in a beer and dessert pairing thinking “These people are my jam.”

After many amazing pairings of Bonehead beer and Twisted’s take on old school desserts, they set us a challenge – ONE BEER TO MATCH THEM ALL! To which there is only one response Ouí Chef.

The result, a balanced Oat Cream IPA with body, hop fruit and sweetness designed with dessert pairing in mind, be it your favoured flan, flummery or Twisted’s famous Sticky Fig Pudding as Chef intended.

This hazy yellow nectar of the gods presents with a citrus nose with delightful tropical stone fruit to taste & citrus finish with a creamy oat mouth feel.

6.7% ABV

Can size 375ml