Shapeshifter Brewing Co - Cheat Code Sour Hazy IPA


Cheat Code uses an exciting new strain of yeast that both sours and ferments the beer all in one vessel. It seems too easy compared to traditional methods, almost like a modern brewer’s cheat code.

This juicy, hazy IPA is also loaded with a blend of Citra, Vic Secret and Strata hops for a whirlwind of flavour. Expect tart red apple and berry notes with a fresh tropical aroma and a smooth, balanced mouthfeel for great drinkability.

7.0% ABV 23 IBU 7.5g/L DH

Malt: Golden Promise, Malted Oats, Wheat, Rolled Oats

Hops: Citra Incognito™, Vic Secret, Strata

Yeast: Philly Sour

Other: Lactose

canned 25/11/20 - I have taste tested this one for you and it is drinking really well!