Beerfarm Almighty Asam Imperial Salted Plum Gose


Asam Boi Gose is an old favourite of ours here at Beerfarm and we thought there was no better way to start a party than to take this classic and gear it up a notch, or two. Sour and fruity but this girl has turned it up for a mouth watering and lip puckering good time!

Originally born out of an adventure to Singapore and Ben and Josh’s discovery of the curious Asam Boi salted plum, we thought they would make the perfect weird and wonderful addition to a gose for their intense saltiness, dried plum character and vibrant colour. A German classic with an Asian twist, expect tartness as bright as it’s colour, and an almighty ABV to match.

We’re excited to be celebrating this beer at GABS, as though we love it, this is the Asam Boi Gose swan song. A celebration of an old favourite at it’s finest and there’s no better way to send her off in style, and say an Almighty Asam bye!

Thanks for all the good times, get it while it lasts.

Style- Gose Imperial

ABV- 7.8%

Malt- Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Carapils, Rolled Barley

Hops- El Dorado, Mosaic

Adjuncts- Asam Boi- Malaysian Salted Plums

Hop Bitterness- 9 IBU

Hop Aroma- 4 G/L

Colour- Redolent Orange 

Drinkability- Get it while it lasts!