Seltzer Mixed Pack

$45.99 $59.99

*Clearance pricing as we move into the cooler months*

The seltzer tsunami has hit our shores and we are here to help you discover your fav! 

We have put together a mixed case featuring different brands and different flavours to get the party started. 

Light, fun, refreshing, full of flavour and low on calories, seltzers are the next big thing, grab a case today and be the coolest person at the party! 

Each case of 12 includes:

2 x Saintly Hard Seltzer Forbidden Pink Grapefruit,

2 x Ray Hard Seltzer Peach, 

2 x Vacay Seltzer Kakadu Plum, 

2 x  W Seltzer Tropical Mango, 

2 x Mermaid Annie - Mint and Lime Seltzer, 

2 x Watermelon Chirpy

$4.74 per can including shipping to your door.