2021 Advent Calendar

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We have hand selected 24 awesome craft beers, from 24 different Independent breweries, to take you on a journey across a variety of styles.

Beer styles you will find in this advent calendar including but not limited to...IPA's, Dark Beers, Sours, Pale Ale's & more!

A special feature we are bringing back this year after it was so successful, is that we are getting the breweries to do a short video each day introducing their beer, so you will be getting the inside info on the beer you have in your hand from the people that made it! 

If you wish to see the list of breweries included in the 2021 advent calendar click here

Included in this case we have beers from craft breweries big and small, and we pride ourselves on being able to source beers you wouldn't be able to easily find elsewhere. 

$6.04 per beer, + shipping.

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