Hop Hunter - 24 pack


Our Hop Hunter packs have undergone a revamp to give you more variety!

Breweries you will find in your case include Blackflag Brewing, Banks Brewery, Aether Brewery, Ballistic Beer, Slipstream Brewing & Helios Brewing Co, The Mill Brewery, Barossa Valley Brewing Co & Valhalla Brewery!

To check out the lineup you can view included beers under our venue page on Untappd here! 

Each month we will feature 12 of the hoppiest beers our brewery partners for that month have, along with limited release or hard to find delights from our Build A Box range..

We have put this case together for those that love their beers hoppy! Filled with the hoppiest beers we have, this is our personal favourite.

We cold store all of your beers for maximum freshness and enjoyment! 

For when a 16 or 20 case just won’t cut it, for sharing with your mates, at gatherings, we can even drop it to your workplace ready for Friday arvo drinks!

To subscribe to this product, please select the number of months you would like to purchase from the quantity drop down box - the initial payment will cover the first month and we will get in touch to tailor and set up the rest of the subscription for you - its the gift that keeps on giving, for yourself or someone else - too easy!