Garage Project Mixed 24


RRP $165! Don't miss out on these awesome cases. 

Garage Project - rarely do they brew a beer that isn’t adored by their legion of fans, so we thought it was time to showcase their amazing range of beers that will take you from perfectly executed lagers to single hop pale ales all the way up to some of their most sought after limited releases of the hazy variety. 

We could only secure small amounts of the limited releases so don’t miss out on these and get one today! 

Each mixed case contains 16 unique beers including:

Double F*ck Yeah 2022,

Party & Bullshit East Coast IPA,

Hazy Daze Vol 8 - Hazy Pale Ale,

Golden Path Hazy IPA,

Hapi Daze Pacific Pale Ale,

Beer Pale Lager,

White Mischief Salted White Peach Sour,

Proper Crisp IPA,

Crispy Club Canis Lupus Unfiltered Lager,

Pernicious Weed IIPA,

Mecha Hop Singularity Citra Pale Ale,

Mecha Hop Singularity Centennial American Pale ale,

Progressive Infinite Iterations II Hazy IPA,

Transit of Venus Hazy IPA w/makrut lime & lemongrass,

Garage Project Arvo XPA,

Garage Project Double Pernicious Weed.