Isolation Beer Appreciation Pack - Bonehead Brewing

This pack is designed in conjunction with Isolation Beer Appreciation, an online craft beer appreciation and tasting subscription service bringing craft beer lovers and breweries together from all over Australia.
Make the most of this awesome Bonehead Brewing limited release pack by joining the brewery and the Isolation Beer Appreciation gang on Zoom on Saturday, 28th May at 6:30pm AEST as we journey through a guided tasting of this great range of beers and learn all about the brewery and people behind them!
Each case contains 2 cans of each of the following beers:
First Kiss WCIPA,
Amity Island Boysenberry Icecream Sour, 
Oui Chef Oat Cream IPA, 
Almost Famous Pomegranate & Lime Sour,
Art for Boneheads NZ IPA, 
Phase NEIPA, 
Non-members can join us by emailing or messaging us through Facebook to register for the event and request a free trial meeting. We'd love for you to join us!
Meeting details can also be found on the Members Only Isolation Beer Appreciation Facebook page.
Isolation Beer Appreciation - We bring the brewer to you!