Untappd Highest Rated Beers Box! Mixed 12


This mixed case isn’t for the faint hearted…

We have put together our top 12 rated beers from Untappd and they will blow your mind! 

These are strictly limited, each case contains:

Mountain Culture Be Kind Rewind 500ml, rating 4.31,

Garage Project Double Pernicious Weed 440ml, rating 4.29,

Garage Project F*ck Yeah 2022 440ml, rating 4.29,

Mountain Culture Hill People Milk 500ml, rating 4.24,

Other Half Brewing True Green 473ml, rating 4.20,

Little Bang Brewing Co Sludgebeast 375ml, rating 4.18,

Dainton Supertrooper 440ml, rating 4.18,

Hawkers Double West Coast IPA 375ml, rating 4.16,

Other Half Brewing Patchwork V3 473ml, rating 4.14,

Other Half Brewing Traced 473ml, rating 4.13,

Mountain Culture Kickin’ It Old School 500ml, rating 4.12,

Resin Brewery Strange Brew 500ml, rating 4.11.

And while you are at it, look us up under verified venues on Untappd and follow us to know when beers arrive. 

trust us, this will be fun.