If you don't like your surprises to be ruined don't scroll down! 

But if you would like to see the list of breweries that we have in both of our Advent Calendars this year scroll down and check it out...

IPA & Variety Advent Calendar Breweries - yes we have 2 different advent calendars this year! Please make sure you purchase the right one for your taste, or just grab both ;) 

Garage Project (NZ),

Bacchus Brewing Co (QLD),

Bojak Brewing (VIC),

Shapeshifter Brewing Co (SA),

Shifty Lizard Brewing Co (SA), 

Mountain Culture Brewing Co, (NSW)

Brendale Brewing Co (QLD), 

Sealegs Brewing Co (QLD), 

Slow Lane Brewing (NSW), 

Little Alchemist Brewing (NSW), 

Five Barrel Brewing (NSW), 

Big Shed Brewing Concern (SA), 

Hop Nation Brewing (VIC), 

White Bay Beer Co (NSW), 

Old Wives Ales (VIC), 

Fields Brewing Co (QLD), 

Ekim Brewing (NSW), 

Burnley Brewery (VIC), 

Willie The Boatman (NSW), 

Bonehead Brewing (VIC), 

Shark Island Brewery (NSW), 

Sunday Road Brewing (NSW), 

Hawkers Beer (VIC), 

Valhalla Brewing (VIC),