2021 IPA Advent Calendar - pre-order

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5 cases reduced to clear - they have 1 or 2 different beers to the advent lineup due to breakages but these have been replaced with awesome beers in their own right - relive the advent calendar goodies! 



We are beyond excited to be at Advent Calendar time again and with 2021 being a terrible year for people all across the country, we are going to finish it off with a bang for you, just like we did last year! 

We have partnered with breweries big, small, new and old to bring you 24 of the best Independent IPA's. Think big piney West Coasters all the way to Juicy Hazey's.

If you love an IPA, this calendar has got you covered.

If you are after something with a bit more variety in styles, we have a second advent calendar that covers all tastes, find it back on the products page. 

If you want a sneak peek at the breweries in the 2021 IPA advent, check them out here

As well as sourcing the freshest possible stock from our brewery partners, your beers will be cold stored up until the moment they are shipped to you, so they will be in great condition!

A special feature this year is that we are getting the breweries to do a short video each day introducing their beer, so you will be getting the inside info on the beer you have in your hand from the people that made it! 

$7.91 per beer, + shipping. 

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