Hype Pack


This pack is for all the hype hunters out there that can't get their hands on the hottest of hot...maybe there was a 1 can limit at your local, maybe the guy or gal in front of you bought the last one, maybe your local couldn’t get them at all?! 

We have been lucky enough to peek behind the racking in the coolrooms of some of the best breweries in the country and have found a little stash! 

2 x Deeds Brewing & Sauce Brewing colab -  Photosphere Hazy DIPA (retail price $15+),

2 x Hawkers Hopefully Beirut Baklava Barleywine (retail price $16+),

2 x Hawkers Day Trip IIPA (retail price $15+).

They don't need a description, if you know, you know.
All stock is cold stored prior to delivery. 

$79.99 delivered. To Your Door. 

They wont last long. But....these mixes will pop up regularly so keep an eye out.