The Hop Hunter - 24 pack


Our September packs contain beers from small breweries across Sydney including Hop & Clover Brewing Co, Kerbside Brewing, Lord Howe Island Brewing Co, Cooks River Brewing Co, Hopsters Brewing Co-op, Dunbar Brews, Little Alchemist Brewery & Grassy Knoll Brewing Co!

To check out the lineup you can now view included beers under our venue page on Untappd! 

We have put this case together for those that love their beers hoppy! Filled with the hoppiest beers our brewery partners have, this is our personal favourite. We cold store all of our beers for maximum freshness and your enjoyment! 

For flexibility, you can purchase any of our packs as a one off, as a gift or for regular delivery.

For when a 16 or 20 case just won’t cut it, for sharing with your mates, at gatherings, we can even drop it to your workplace ready for Friday arvo drinks!

$5.62 per can delivered. To your door. 

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