Hawkers Underneath The Trees We Gather yuzu & plum kettle sour

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Our plum and yuzu kettle sour is an absolute delight with explosive bursts of flavour and a sense of the Orient. This beer is as complex as it is delicious, combining sweet juicy plums with zesty citrusy yuzu.

7% abv

Aroma: Fruity, Citrus
Hops/Additions: Plum, Yuzu
Serving Temperature: 4°C
Food Pairing: Pork Cutlet, Moroccan Spiced Calamari
Cheese Pairing: Red Leicester, Pan-fried Saganaki
Dessert Pairing: Pavlova, Orange Infused Rice Pudding

Awards: 2020 The Indies - Silver Medal ● 2021 Australian International Beer Awards - Two Bronze Medals ● 2021 The Indies - Silver Medal ● 2022 Australian International Beer Awards - Silver Medal