Kaiju! Cerveza


ABV: 4.4%
MALTS: Pale, Maize
HOPS: Magnum

Light on the hops, crisp and clean. Perfect for sun-soaked sessions or just chilling with your crew. It's the brew you'll consistently reach for, thinking, "Just one more."  The perfect refreshment for every occasion.

For a brewery that is so renowned for its hop-forward IPAs, KAIJU! Beer’s brewmaster, Nat Reeves, is pretty obsessed with lager.

It all began in Europe, where Nat was blown away by a revelatory unfiltered Pilsner Urquell. This experience kicked-off years of experimentation, including the years-ahead-of-its-time Paradise Pils.

Nat’s lager knowledge snowballed through several trips to his wife’s (convenient) home-country of Germany, not least through the influence and guidance of Schönramer’s Eric Toft.

Despite being captivated by German beers, Nat recognised that their flavour profile is challenging in the Australian climate. A tip from a respected Northern German brewer resulted in importing a specific yeast strain that was perfectly suited to the clean, refreshing style Nat was seeking.

Ultimately, the light-bodied, easy-drinking Mexican-style Cerveza emerged as the perfect  fit for our climate, combining simplicity with drinkability.. The unique yeast esters added a fresh twist, cementing KAIJU!'s successful foray into a new brewing style.

The Cerveza Crisp Lager embodies KAIJU!'s journey of embracing the unlikely and exploring refreshingly awesome territories.