Old Wives Ales I Can Has IBU? IIPA V2


Do you remember the IBU wars? From the last half of the naughties into the first half of the ten's breweries like Green Flash, Dogfish Head, Brewdog and others you've probably never heard of were duking it out to put out the highest IBU beer in the world. It's widely agreed the human palate can't taste the difference once you're over 100 IBU, but that didn't stop 800, 1000 and even 2600 IBU beers from being released! Then the haze craze hit and everyone decided IPA's should look and taste like juice. And brewery accountants everywhere breathed a huge sigh of relief. Fast forward to 2020 and as we pondered on how to celebrate our 100th brew we found ourselves asking "I Can Has IBU?". Just like Happycat. Well...sort of like Happycat.