One Drop Brewing Midnight Sun NEIPA 440ml

Remember NEIPAs? It’s been a while. So we brewed a new one. A revisit to the humble NEIPA with a post-modern approach.

6.9% ABV

We're so excited to showcase our latest technique to come out of our R&D program - Clean Fusion™ dry hopping. It's this industry-first hopping technique, with a new-age selection of hops - Sitiva™, Talus®, Strata®, Nectaron®, and Bru-1™, that this beer derives its name. Don't fear the new though, it's got all the good good you’d remember.

It's got Hops. It's got Oats. It's got Yeast. It's got a kiss of bitterness. It's got two dry hops. It's got a little clarity. It's got everything a true craft explorer is entitled to.

So sit back and taste the new summit of the NEIPA.