Sealegs Brewing GD’EH Transcontinental IPA 440ml

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An Aussie and a Canadian walk into a bar.

The Aussie says, ‘can I grab a slab please?' The Canuck says, 'can I get a two-four please?’ and this trans-continental collab was born. Sea Legs Brewing Co (AUS) and Spearhead Brewing Company (CAN) both love to push boundaries and ‘colour outside the lines’ when it comes to brewing processes and additions. This collab - Gd’Eh IPA is a bubbling pot (or kettle) of their innovation and style.

A trans-continental IPA, brewed with a clean base made from Northern Hemisphere base malt, Southern Hemisphere specialty malts and pouring a copper hue with a present malt character to suit. Hot side additions of Cascade and Centennial create a tidy balance of bitterness, with a heaving double dry hop of Vic Secret & Eclipse banging out modern citrus, mandarin spice, and classic resin aromas.