Sparkke Brewing Co - Last Straw Pale Ale


A little bit fruity, a little bit creamy. A little bit juicy, a little bit hazy. Absolutely perfectly balanced. Our Pale is tropical and tangy, with notes of grapefruit, tangerine and pineapple offering a sherbet-y, smooth and rich mouthfeel.

With six hop varieties, our pale ale has late addition hops and two dry hops that invoke that generous, fruity aroma and flavour. And, at 4.5% ABV, this is a genuinely sessionable beer.

Can-paign Message: The Last Straw
Just Say No
When there are islands of floating rubbish in our beautiful oceans, we can all agree that it’s time for a more radical approach to minimising pollution.

Single-use plastics are the major culprit suffocating our oceans and choking up our landfill, and now they’ve entered our food chain. Enough! This is the last straw. Say a strong no thank you to all single-use plastics.

canned Jan 2021