The Discovery - 24 pack


# 1 Bestseller Mixed Case

Our September packs contain beers from small breweries across Sydney including Hop & Clover Brewing Co, Kerbside Brewing, Lord Howe Island Brewing Co, Cooks River Brewing Co, Hopsters Brewing Co-op, Dunbar Brews, Little Alchemist Brewery & Grassy Knoll Brewing Co!

Each month you will enjoy at least 15 new & different beers - no one else can give you that kind of variety!

For flexibility, you can purchase any of our packs as a one off, as a gift or for regular delivery.

24 independent craft beers delivered to your door, across a range of styles - For when a 16 or 20 case just won’t cut it, for sharing with friends, at gatherings, we can even drop it to your workplace ready for Friday arvo drinks!

$4.79 per can delivered. To your door. 

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