Working Title Brew Co Rush Hour DDH Hazy Pale Ale


A smashable but intelligent hazy pale ale is lot harder to nail than it sounds. Taking a pillowy malt base of wheat and oats, we layered Idaho7, Mosaic and Talus over the top. Keeping our hop stand below 75oC, to allow for biotransformation but little isomerisation, we wanted to see what this unusual hop combo could give. Both smashable, if you are that way inclined, and sippable, if you are more patient; and complex as the subtle characters reveal themselves.

A delicate lime citrus aroma hits home first. This is followed by gentle hints of pineapple, banana, guava and a blend of oatmeal and malt sweetness. Flavours of lychee and guava are splashed across a canvas of super creamy malty and soft mouthfeel. As it warms a delicate array of spices and fruit emerge, balancing the smooth and refreshing finish.