Working Title Brewing Cheat Day Variety 4 Pack!

$52.00 $58.00

You've been working hard all week. Hitting the gym. Eating lean. Ignoring the beckoning call of your fully stocked beer fridge with it's seductive can labels and tantalising beer styles. You've done well. And now we're here to f**k things up for you. Our 'Cheat Day' Variety 4 Pack contains 4 distinctively different and diabolically decadent brews in one snazzy little gift box; the perfect pressie to sabotage that mate who won't shut up about their F45 training regime.

Box includes one can of each;

  • Shakedown, 8.5% Lime Milkshake DIPA, 500ml
  • Bubble Trouble, 6.0% Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Sour , 500ml
  • Reign Supreme, 7.0% Affogato & Cream Ale , 500ml
  • Good Time, 8.5% Nutella Fudge Double Milk Stout , 500ml