Summer Haze

Our brewer mate is back with his take on the haze craze...where do you stand with hazy beers? I must admit a really well crafted hazy is growing on me..! Hazy Beers. What are they? What does it really mean? And why? While the colder months are still in our grips, and the dark beers are experiencing their time to shine, the sun and heat of spring and summer are just around the corner. In the world of modern beer, that generally means two things. Dry, thirst quenching sours are about to start finding their way into aluminium vessels large...

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What Makes IPA Great?

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The first in our series of articles written by our mate Shoeless Joe Jackson III - Joe shall remain anonymous but rest assured his years of brewing experience at some of the country's biggest and best craft breweries, as well as a stint brewing in the US of A and plenty of beer judging experience give him some street cred! Enjoy!
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