Here at The Beer Drop, we are passionate about promoting the independent craft beer scene on a local scale, with a wider reach. Each month we will feature a few breweries from one region- some large, most small – as we work our way around the craft beer brewing community bringing their stories and their beers to life - and to your doorstep, where ever you are!
Evan is the owner and creator of The Beer Drop, a craft beer lover who has been lucky enough to turn his passion into work. With many years experience working in liquor retail and having a knack for recommending beers and wines that people loved and which kept them coming back to him for guidance, he figured, why not do it on a bigger scale focusing on the thing he loves most (besides his wife and kids of course!).
We are here to help with that perfect gift idea for him or for her! We are even here for the craft beer fanatic that is looking to expand their horizons outside of their local bottle shops as we bring the brewery tour to you each and every month via our fully flexible ordering options.
Welcome and we hope you enjoy this journey as we bring 120+ individual beers into your life over the next 12 months and beyond.