Through September we are featuring gypsy brewers from across the Sydney area. Gypsy brewers are new and small brewers that don't have a permanent brewery or brewhouse for a variety of reason, including capital, inability to find a suitable space, wanting to grow slowly and organically, amongst many others! 
We have included a link to a great interview from one of our favourite beer podcasters - The Beer Healer.
In this episode, host Chris Lukianenko has an in depth talk with Shapeshifter Brewing co-founder and current gypsy brewer, James McCall. This interview covers gypsy brewing in great detail and we thank Chris for letting us use his interview. 
Click this link, grab a beer and enjoy....
Gypsy Brewers that feature in this months packs..
Little Alchemist Brewing Co
Cooks River Brewing Co
Dunbar Brews
Grassy Knoll Brewing
Hopsters co-op Brewery
Hop & Clover Brewing Co
Kerbside Brewing
Lord Howe Island Brewing Co