With International Womens Day happening on 8th March, we thought what better time to celebrate women in the craft beer industry than now! The beers in this months packs come from breweries that have a strong representation of women in their ranks (these breweries are but a few of a large list, thankfully!) that include Owner's, Brewer's, Cicerone's, Sales Rep's, Bar Staff and everything in between. 



Tasting Notes :
India Pale LagerThe beer the brewers make for their own selfish pleasure. Brilliantly pale and sparkling with only the faintest maltiness. A crisp bitterness, fermented cold and lagered for weeks this is a classic beer style at its finest. Celebrating the vibrant stone fruit and tropical fruit flavours and aromas of American hop varieties.
ABV - 5.2%
Malt – Pilsner malt, pale rye malt, rolled barley, rolled rice.
Hops – Magnum, Mosaic & Saaz - Hop bitterness – Moderate/high (40 IBU)
Hop aroma – High (4g/L)
Royal Haze Hazy IPA - While lazing about remembering the good ol’ days of the great south west… we’ve brewed a big hazy IPA packed full of Citra, El Dorado and Mosaic hops - it’s hazy IPA at its best. Mild bitterness followed by good fruity esters boosted from a low flocculating English yeast. A cloudy and light malt base helps juice up this sessionable 5.8% hazy IPA that has been hopped multiple times through the process.
ABV - 5.8%
Malt – Pale Malt, Cara-pils, Wheat Malt, Rolled Oats
Hops – El Dorado, Citra, Mosaic - Hop bitterness – Low (15 IBU)
Hop aroma – High (4g/L)
Reckless Brewing
Co-Founder and award winning head brewer Grace Wilson (who also brews at Akasha), along with husband Jarrod & finance/science whiz Alice, make up Reckless Brewing, not only the nicest bunch of people you will meet, but an excellent brewing unit that you will see plenty of fantastic, drinkable beers coming out of this year - keep an eye out for them and in the meantime enjoy their exclusively brewed Frida XPA in our packs 
Tasting notes: 
Frida XPA - Brewed for International Women's Day 2021 with Akasha Brewing.

 Inspired by one of the most revolutionary artists of all time, Frida explodes onto the scene in a thrilling splash of papaya and citrus flavour with a dash of coconut. An artful blend of Sabro and Mosaic hops, this beer collab celebrates passionate women who GSD. 

Proceeds from Frida will be going to the Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre, anon-government, not-for-profit clinic delivering low-cost and affordable medical, allied and complementary health care and education to improve women’s health.

Summer IPA - This Summer IPA is filled to the brim with Mosaic and Galaxy Hops. It’s perfectly suited to a Summer’s afternoon spent with mates. This is a limited release so enjoy sooner rather than later! 
Founded and led by women, Sparkke gives a damn about what goes in and on our cans believing that it matters what you consume – and what consumes you. We make 100% natural, award winning beers, ciders, alcoholic ginger beers and hard lemonades. They’re layered, nuanced and seriously delicious!


Tasting Notes- 

Pale Ale - A little bit fruity, a little bit creamy. A little bit juicy, a little bit hazy. Absolutely perfectly balanced. Our Pale is tropical and tangy, with notes of grapefruit, tangerine and pineapple offering a sherbet-y, smooth and rich mouthfeel.
With six hop varieties, our pale ale has late addition hops and two dry hops that invoke that generous, fruity aroma and flavour. And, at 4.5% ABV, this is a genuinely sessionable beer.

Pilsner - An enticing new-world pilsner lager that draws inspiration from its Czech/Bohemian ancestry with a 21st-Century, Antipodean punch. Mid-strength, it’s a genuine marvel because it’s super clean but packed with flavour. For beer nerds, this is owing in part to an elegant dry hopping of New Zealand-grown Wai-iti and Wakatu hops. It’s refreshing, with a fruity, citrusy aroma, and a creamy mouthfeel.
So approachable; it’s an easy-drinking classic and absolutely perfect for those who are discovering craft beer, or any beer, for the first time.

Stomping Ground
Tasting Notes - 
Gipps St Pale Ale - Named after the street we call home, this gold medal winner is full of tropical fruit American hop character and serious personality.  American-style Pale Ale

ABV: 5.2%
Malts:  Aussie Pale, English Crystal, Wheat, Munich        
Hops: Simcoe, Cascade, Mosaic
Yeast: American Ale
Notable awards: Gold (CBIA 2017), Silver (AIBA 2017, AIBA 2018, Indies 2018), Bronze (AIBA), Other ( 2019 Finalist - Pale Ale - Vintage Cellars Best of Awards 2020)

Smash Watermelon Sour - Packed with real watermelon, this gose is subtly salty, bright with fruit aromas and refreshingly tart - like a smashing fruit punch!
Style: Gose
ABV: 4.2%
Malts: Pilsner, Wheat      
Hops: Riwaka, Mosaic
Yeast: Hoegaarden Ale

Two Birds

Two Birds Brewing 

136 Hall Street, Spotswood,Victoria 3015

Australia's first craft brewery founded by women, Independent and proudly brewed and packed at the Nest in Spotswood, Victoria. Led by two women with a thirst for business and creative expression. The Two Birds drive to represent women in drinks at home in Australia, and on the global stage, a natural step for a brewery that will celebrate 10 years in the industry in 2021. 

The Two Birds philosophy...We make the kind of beers we enjoy drinking. Beers with flavour and interest while being clean, sessionable and approachable. We also believe in balance, both in beer and in life, so our beers suit good times with mates and match whatever is on your plate. We like to have fun and do things a little differently, so new, unique beers are always on the horizon! 

Tasting Notes - 

Warrior Women Juicy Pale Ale - This IWD, we’re raising a Warrior Woman to all the women out there that give us the lift we need to take flight every day. Their hardy skins, sweet souls, and endless ability to inspire was the driving force behind this beer, a Juicy Pale Ale bursting with bright citrus and tropical fruit hops, elevated by a splash or two of pineapple juice. Smooth from the first sip and pouring a light hazy golden, this full-flavoured beer is at its heart, an easy-going quencher for everyone to embrace. Supporting SisterWorks and Girls Rock! Melbourne this International Womxn’s Day.

STYLE: Juicy Pale Ale with Pineapple
HOPS: Sultana, Simcoe & Vic Secret
ABV: 4.9% IBU: 29

Chew Tang Can NEIPA - The NEIPA of our Brew Tang Can series. Cloudy, big on fruit and heavy on the hops, the Chew is worth making a ruckus about.

 White Bay

White Bay Beer Co 

SYDNEY, NSW, 2039,

With the recent addition of 2 gun sales reps, women now make up 50% of the staff at White Bay Beer Co, including Jess, one half of the brewing power couple along with her partner Dennis. If you see a White Bay Beer, grab it, they are the next big thing!

Tasting Notes - 

Sunny Pale Ale - Sunny is our interpretation of a modern Australian Pale ale.

Sunny undergoes generous whirlpool hop additions as well as a double dry hop to build in layers of hop derived flavours. Our house ale yeast strain also contributes a wonderful fruity character. Common descriptors of Sunny amongst the brew crew include words like " tropical", "passionfruit delight with underpinnings of mango and pineapple".

Sunny is unfiltered and spends a minimum of 28 days in the fermenter prior to packaging. The tank time and lack of filtration allows us to express Sunny in what we believe to be it's best form.

Reefed IPA - Reefed is an absurdly tasty oat laden IPA that went through an arduous and lengthy multi step mash rest and packed to the gills with Mosaic in all of it’s forms and Riwaka hops. Reefed is hopped at 25g/L (read this as shitloads) and is loud with vibes of pineapple gummy bears, fresh lychee, mango sorbet and the faintest whisper of that sweet sticky dank stuff. 

7.1% ABV