Yulli's Brews Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter


A smooth & creamy dark beer brewed with loads of vanilla beans, giving it a big vanilla aroma and sweetness which is backed by a lovely chocolate & roasted malt character and a firm bitterness to finish. A great dessert beer or one for any sweet tooth!

When the nerd's had a swill, He'll get in your grill - He's an arsehole
He'll get in your face, And he'll hold back an ace - He's an arsehole
When he says goodnight, He'll say it with spite - He's an arsehole
He'll say he's your mate, Then hit on your date - He's an arsehole
But when you feel like a prick, And it's all gone to shit - He's the arsehole
Who'll take you aside, And rebuild your pride - What an arsehole
Cause when the dust settles, And tested your metal - He's the arsehole
To remember and revere, Cause he loves a good beer - 'Nerd's an arsehole