Yulli's Brews Slick Ricks Rampaging Red


Brewed with a combination of 5 carefully selected malts and 3 pungent US & AUS hop varieties, Slick Rick presents a deep amber/red colour, showing rich caramel malt flavours with a hint of roast and chocolate. This complex malt bill is backed by a solid whack of bitterness from Australian Vic Secret hops, whilst breathing aromas of fruit salad and pineapple from US hops Amarillo & Chinook. The mouthfeel is big, yet surprisingly dry.

Rick's the sports car you once wanted but couldn't afford
Rick's a pair of Okanuis, minus the drawer cord
Rick's your best mate's brother's mate you've never really met
Rick's a pair of Oakley frog skins worn around your neck
Rick's a job at Blockbuster you never applied for
Rick's the bloke who'll have your back til he sneaks out the back door
Rick's a Sunday afternoon of laughter loud and clear
But the one thing to remember is that Slick Rick loves a beer